In Conversation with’s Founder Chris Evans

Platforms are easier for us to review because not only do we speak to the platform creators themselves, judge what the platforms offer to integrate for the brands that use their platform, and of course finally we speak with the brands daily which gives us a great avenue for real world feedback.

You didn’t mention it in your question, but I think it is also important to mention how we review the actual bitcoin casino brands themselves, this can be answered in one word – Objectively. I have a team of writers and developers who are players and fans of bitcoin that go over each new brand site, looking at ease of use, finding flaws, speaking with players on the forums. We also have proprietary software built into the backend of Bitcoin Gambling Guide, that findings have to be entered into which generates their position in our system. The best brands are then awarded the BitcoinGG Certificate of Trust which you will find in the brands footer such as or mBitcasino.

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