Nitrogen Sports Adds New Baccarat Game to Its Bitcoin Casino Platform

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Popular Bitcoin casino platform Nitrogen recently added a new Baccarat game to its online platform.

The casino, which already offers a plethora of popular casino games, such as Dice, 1-Deck Blackjack, 2-Deck Blackjack and 8-Deck Blackjack, harnesses the power of Bitcoin to offer players a flexible payment and withdrawal process. It also makes available much-needed features like multiplayer gaming, chat rooms, etc. to enhance the players’ overall experience at its gaming platform.

Switching avatars, hand history and self controlled hashes to verify the validity of hands are few more enthralling feautres in Nitrogen’s Baccarat hands.

Not into Baccarat but still want to give it a go?

Here are the rules:

You choose to bet on one three sides: The Player, The Banker Or The Tie

Both the player and bankerget dealth 2-Cards holding different point values from No. 2-9, worth their face value(in points) , 10s, Js,Qs and Ks posses no value. Aces (A) carries 1 point leaving Jokers out from the game.

The side with the total closest to ‘9’ wins. The tie wins if both totals are same.


J + 7 = 7

If a side draws 2 cards that total more then 9 , the right most digit of the total is considered the result.

9 + 8 = 7

A bet on either of them pays 1 to 1

A bet on the tie pay 8 to 1

Many players know Nitrogen sports as an online Sportsbook that got transformed into a gambling site since it’s origin in 2012. Based in Costa Rica, it continues to provide all players exciting, entertaining, professional and player – friendly gambling platform globally.

While the Casion reinforcement are still in the works, players can try their skills and luck on 8-deck blackjacs, 1- deck blackjacs and NitroMadness Poker Tourneys. Nitrogen continues to celebrate NitroMadness for thet rest of the Month, during NCAA, March Madness. Making sure the nitrogen poker players should not be a par from Maddness a huge list of Guaranteed Poker is created to bouble the spirit of madness.

Those looking for a Bitcoin casino bonus may have a hard time spotting one, but expect to find exciting promotions on this site. It normally hosts a few contests, challenges, and other kinds of promotions that are geared to bring fun rewards to players. Therefore, if you are up to boost your winning potential, make sure to check out the latest offerings.

In addition, its affiliate program is an excellent medium to make profits. Affiliates earn 0.3% of their referrals’ total wager for every bet, and they receive these in real-time. They can also refer players to play Bitcoin poker and receive up to 300 mBTC every month.

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